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IWKnights Corner (Bulletin Insert) for June 24, 2018

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore was the main celebrant for this and the other Masses celebrated throughout the weekend. He was also the Homilist for each Mass.

We continue the review of a number of major issues which the Supreme Knight and staff discussed with state deputies during organizational meetings held in early June.  Attendees were state deputies from the United States, Canada, Poland, Mexico, Philippines and the Dominican Republic.

During the opening business session, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson spoke about the importance of the Knights’ charitable work and emphasized the importance of councils working closely with their pastors and parishes.  He also stressed the new ‘Faith in Action’ program model and its connection to our Building the Domestic Church priority (for explanation of these two important initiatives see the first of this series in the 6/17/18 Bulletin).


“We've been entrusted by our brother Knights to guide this organization into the future, to guide its growth, and to guide its well-being.  And it's a heavy responsibility. If [the] Knights of Columbus is going to grow or decline in the local council. That's why we have to reach out and make sure that our local councils are active, that they have sustainable leadership, and that they understand the necessity of bringing new and more people in.”


“What Father McGivney laid out was not the principles of a men's club or the principles of a secret society.  It was a principled way of life for men to live their Catholic faith.  We are not just building Columbianism, we are building Catholicism.  Let's think about being a Knight of Columbus like that.  And if we do, we understand that we are not just state deputies. Is that not the spiritual genius of Father McGivney?  To understand how to build a way of life for men that goes to the central core of what it means to be a Catholic: charity, unity, brotherhood.”

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