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IWKnights Corner (Bulletin Insert) for July 1, 2018

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

The following is additional information regarding the review of a number of major issues which the Supreme Knight and staff discussed with state deputies during organizational meetings held in early June.  Attendees were state deputies from the United States, Canada, Poland, Mexico, Philippines and the Dominican Republic.

During the opening business session, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson spoke about the importance of the Knights’ charitable work and emphasized the importance of councils working closely with their pastors and parishes.  He also stressed the new ‘Faith in Action’ program model and its connection to our Building the Domestic Church priority (for explanation of these two important initiatives see the first of this series in the 6/17/18 Bulletin).


“We pride ourselves in being called the strong right arm of the church.  We cannot do that unless our councils are the strong right arm of their parish priests.  That was Father McGivney’s dream--a team of men who would be there for their local pastor.”


“When we tout our numbers, it's not numbers alone, it is lives changed and lives changed in ways that only we can do.  But as we go forward this year, let's do a little more.  Let's ask every council if they can do three, four or five percent more this year.  If we do, we are going to change thousands of more lives.”


“We are getting reports back that for every ultrasound machine we place, we are saving an average of two children a week.  That's 100 children a machine.  Where can you save 500 lives for $15,000?  Where can you save one life for $15,000?  And, if you talk about the legacy of being a grand knight or the legacy of your council - what if it is saving hundreds of babies?”

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