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IWKnights Corner (Bulletin Insert) for June 17, 2018

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

In his address to the state deputies, Supreme Knight Anderson announced the 2017 charitable giving and volunteer hours and also discussed the new Faith in Action program and the call that they – as leaders – have to ensure the future of the Knights of Columbus.

Over the next several weeks we will review a number of major issues which the Supreme Knight and staff discussed with state deputies during organizational meetings held in early June.  Nearly 80 first and second year state deputies attended from the United States, Canada, Poland, Mexico, Philippines and the Dominican Republic.

During the opening business session, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson spoke about the importance of the Knights’ charitable work and emphasized the importance of councils working closely with their pastors and parishes.  He also stressed the new ‘Faith in Action’ program model and its connection to our Building the Domestic Church priority.


“What the Knights of Columbus is doing in thousands of different ways every day is putting our faith in action.  Putting our faith in action in ways that people see and understand and know bring value to people's lives, bring value to our communities, bring value to our country -whichever country we are living in.  So I urge every single council to embrace this program and to carry forward projects within each of these categories.”


“The domestic church is foundational to Faith in Action.  Pope Benedict told us that the church has three missions. It has a mission to pray, it has a mission to evangelize, and it has a mission of charity.  Our domestic church program simply says the Catholic family has the same mission.  It has the mission to pray together, it has the mission to build up each other in the faith, and it has the mission to practice charity among the members of the family and for the family to reach out to other families.  How many fewer individual Catholic families would be broken and suffering if we could get our families to pray more, build-up each other in the faith, forgive, and reconcile and practice charity?”

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