IWKnights Proposed Slate of Officers

Fraternal Year of 2024 – 2025 Slate of Council Officers For Election (Proposed)

Council Office Proposed Officer
Council Chaplain +++
Grand Knight Steve Brunts  
Deputy Grand Knight Gary Grace
Chancellor Ted Juen
Recorder Gene Fallert  
Treasurer Jerry Follis
Advocate Vince Throckmorton 
Warden Jim Normile
Inside Guard Jeff Grotegeers
Outside Guard John Owens
Trustee - 3 yr Jason Thurman, PGK    
Trustee - 2 yr Jim Ressler, PGK    
Trustee - 1 yr Chris Williams, PGK    
Financial Secretary Steve Field    
Lecturer Dr. William Uhland
  • List updated as of 5/13/2024.

    Subject to approval by the K of C  Supreme Council.
    These officers are not elected by the council.

For a summary of what each officer's role is, pleaseClick Here. Nominations will still be accepted until the June Meeting on May 13, 2024.  voting for ALL council officers up for election will be by in person ONLY.....no mail-in ballots, absentee ballots, vote by phone, web, etc.