IWKnights Proposed Slate of Officers – 2019-2021

Fraternal Years of 2019 – 2021 Slate of Council Officers For Election (Proposed)

Council Office Proposed Officer
Council Chaplain Fr. David Hogan 
Grand Knight Jim Ressler  
Deputy Grand Knight Jason Thurmond
Chancellor Bud Avery
Recorder Kevin Stanley  
Treasurer Jeff West  +
Advocate Vince Throckmorton 
Warden Denny Demeter
Inside Guard Nick Copland 
Outside Guard Bryan Hewing / CR Davidson
Trustee - 3 yr Chris Williams 
Trustee - 2 yr Bill Davis 
Trustee - 1 yr Don Mueller 
Financial Secretary Gene Fallert  +
Lecturer William Uhland


+    Would like a replacement by May 2020 at the latest.