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IWKnights Corner For August 23, 2020

NOTE: The column below also ran in the August 30th parish bulletin.

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

Father Michael J. McGivney

    • As we have mentioned over the last two weekends, it was the miraculous cure of an unborn child from a life-threatening condition which cleared the way for - the founder of the Knights of Columbus - Father Michael J. McGivney’s beatification this October.  The following are several additional first-hand accounts about the result of prayerful requests for favors through intercessions Father Michael McGivney."Bill Horoshak, a member of Frank A. Mancina Council 2583 in Eveleth, Minn

      ., became a Knight a short time before the birth of his great-grandniece.  When the little girl was born, it was found she had three holes in her heart along with cystic fibrosis.'The physician said the small one would heal, maybe the middle one too, but the largest one would need surgery,' Horoshak said.  'Because of the cystic fibrosis and low body weight, the surgery would have to wait until at least six months of age but [needed to be done] before 18 months.'

      Immediately after his great-grandniece’s birth, Horoshak took the Father McGivney prayer card that he had received when he joined the Knights and began to pray daily for the founder’s intercession.  He continued this prayer for a full year.

      Her doctors marveled at the results. 'After one year, they were amazed that all three holes were completed healed, and she didn't need surgery!' Horoshak said.

      He continues to pray to Father McGivney daily with requests for favors for people he knows.

      'Father McGivney's upcoming beatification proves to me that her miracle was because of Father McGinley,' he said. 'It only increases my resolve to pray even more to ask his help with other matters.'

      Carole Rowland, a psychologist in Wyandotte, Mich., got a double dose of good news that she attributes to Father McGivney’s influence.

      'I received the reconciliation with my sister, who finally contacted me,' Rowland said. 'Also, my daughter-in-law got a good diagnosis for her breast cancer.'

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