IWKnights Corner For September 26, 2021
– 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

Dante wanders lost and alone in “a dark wilderness” at the beginning of the Inferno in a colorized engraving by Gustave Doré.
Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly delivers his annual report from the Supreme Council headquarters in New Haven, Conn., during the 139th Supreme Convention.

Over the next several weeks we will publish information from some of the events and announcements from the recent annual Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention.

“Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly addressed the Knights membership during the Order’s 139th Supreme Convention, held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his first annual report to the Order, Supreme Knight Kelly urged his brother Knights to find creative solutions to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic and other cultural challenges facing Catholics today.

‘On every front, the end of the pandemic is an invitation to action,’ the supreme knight said.  ‘Charity is our highest calling, and it demands our renewed focus. Where there’s pain, let us heal.  Where there’s grief, let us comfort.  Where there’s need, let us meet it, in new and creative ways.’

Supreme Knight Kelly committed his tenure to strengthening the faith of men and their families.  ‘Our growth depends on empowering men to be the husbands and fathers that God wants us to be,’ he said.  ‘It is harder than ever, and for that reason, we must push forward as never before.  It will require creative courage.’

‘Bold in Faith’
When Supreme Knight Kelly, who took office March 1, was officially installed as supreme knight June 11, his first act was to consecrate his administration to St. Joseph.

In remarks at that time and also in his annual report, he called St. Joseph the ‘Guardian of the Family’ and ‘Guardian of the Truth.’  He said Knights, too, must be guardians of the family against a hostile culture, and must defend the truth during a time in which ‘key truths — about life, marriage, the nature of the family, and the meaning of freedom — are increasingly denied and even vilified.’

A K of C-produced documentary about the life of St. Joseph, titled St. JosephOur Spiritual Father, will air on ABC affiliates starting Oct. 10.

Supreme Knight Kelly also announced the Order’s support for the National Eucharistic Revival, an initiative to be organized by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

‘Working with our bishops and priests, we will strive to renew belief in the Eucharist and build up the Church,’ he said.  ‘We are a force for unity, and we will prove it by pointing to the source of unity.  As ‘Knights of the Eucharist,’ we proudly proclaim this truth.’”

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