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IWKnights Corner For March 28, 2021
(Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion)

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

Annunciation Triptych (ca. 1427–32) by the workshop of Robert Campin/The Cloisters Collection, 1956 Annunciation.  Triptych (ca. 1427–32) by the workshop of Robert Campin/The Cloisters Collection, 1956.

St Joseph's feast day was celebrated on March 19th.  Last December Pope Francis proclaimed 2021 as the "Year of St. Joseph."  This week we will conclude a two part article - published in the KofC's  Columbia on-line magazine - entitled "The Chivalry of St. Joseph" by Tracey Rowland.

"Today, St. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers — both fathers by nature and spiritual fathers, of whom priests are the obvious example.  He is also the patron saint of those who grow up without a father, often as a consequence of the devil’s war against the family — a war in which fatherhood is under systematic attack.

If you want to attack the Logos, you need to attack fatherhood.  If you want to attack the priesthood, you need to attack fatherhood.  If you want to attack the family, you need to attack fatherhood.  The powers of darkness have not yet abandoned their project to cripple humanity, their defeat at Calvary notwithstanding.  The destruction of the family is their endgame strategy, as Sister Lucia of Fátima testified on the basis of the private revelations she received.

The deepest meaning of chivalry is to use one’s strength to defend the faith and the vulnerable, and to do so without any regard for one’s own self-interest.  Nobility exists precisely in self-surrender, which is clearly exemplified in St. Joseph, who was noble by disposition as well as by birth.

St. Bernardino of Siena commented, 'St. Matthew establishes the direct line of all the fathers from Abraham to the spouse of the Virgin, clearly demonstrating that all patriarchal, royal and princely dignity came together in him.'

All chivalrous men, all children without fathers, all priests on the front lines of a cosmic battle, all women who wish they had a knight to protect them — all would do well to pray to St. Joseph as St. Teresa of Ávila did:

O holy protector of the Holy Family, protect us children of the Lord Jesus Christ; keep far from us the errors and evils which corrupt the world; assist us from Heaven in our struggles against the powers of darkness.  And as you once protected the Divine Child from the cruel edict of Herod, now defend the Church and keep it safe from all dangers and threats.""

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