Help With Easter Book Giveaway

Hello Brother Knights,

I hope you are having a blessed Lenten season.

We will be giving out the book "Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know" at Easter this year. We will be putting stickers in the books on Sat Mar 20 starting at 8 am in the Lower Curch Hall. If you are available, please join us and provide some assistance. Feel free to leave for 8:30 am Mass but please check back after Mass to see if the work is finished. Your help is much appreciated.

FYI – Because of the pandemic, we will not physically hand out the books, but instead, we will have a table in the vestibule with books, and we also plan to have some books at each of the exits. We will have an announcement at the end of the Masses to make folks aware of the books and direct them to the vestibule. So, we’ll need folks to check the tables for each of the Masses to make sure there are plenty of books available and to recycle any empty boxes. If you know which Easter Mass you’ll be attending and are willing to check the tables, etc, please let me know.

BTW – if you happen to have a box of the books you are storing at home, please bring it to the fish fry on Mar 19 or to the stickering event on Mar 20.

Thanks much,
Ted Juen

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