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IWKnights Corner for February 11, 2024

 — Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus? 

Father Mykola Leskiv is pictured May 26 during the Ukraine State Convention outside Lviv. (Photo by Andrey Gorb)

Father Mykola Leskiv is chaplain of St. Benedict of Nursia Council 18045, based at the Roman Catholic Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit in Chervonohrad, Ukraine.  He helped to establish a Knights of Columbus council at the parish about two years ago, not long before Russia invaded the country. This is Part 1 of 2.

How do you turn a parish into a Mercy Center? What do you need most, as a chaplain, other than food?

FATHER MYKOLA: First of all, we need equipment, generators, access to heat and light, and a safe place where people can feel secure, some kind of shelter.  Apart from the material help, it would be useful for Knights to spend some time with the people who come here to get help and support.  The Knights should be present, talk with them.  Because we all need more than just material help, we need communication, conversation, community. The needs of the spirit are, I think, the most important and valuable.

How does the life of Blessed Michael McGivney inspire you?

FATHER MYKOLA: Father McGivney was incredible!  His original idea is ever relevant, in all times.  As priests and chaplains, we have this great role model on whom we can rely and whom we can follow.  He managed to gather men, to mobilize them, whereas we got used to the fact that most active parishioners are women.  And this fact, that he managed to motivate a group of men, is really incredible.  We need to follow his path to gather people around us, spiritually, but also to create true communities.

Were you the one to inspire the creation of your council?

FATHER MYKOLA: Our council is quite young — we started it about two years ago, before the outbreak of the war.  I wanted a council for a very long time, but the men in my parish took some time to mature and get to the idea by themselves.  They initiated it, this is their work. But it was a longtime dream of mine.

How did you support the Knights in their formation?

FATHER MYKOLA: At the beginning, I mostly prepared my council members by telling them about the community of the Knights of Columbus.  We also attended several meetings with the Knights.  I wanted them to get to know each other, to see by themselves what wonderful work was done by the Knights.  Then we invited Knights to come to our parish, and it all started.

How do you understand the mission of the Knights of Columbus — to practice faith through actions?

FATHER MYKOLA: The Bible says that faith without deeds is dead, and that is why when you love someone, you do everything you can to show him that love.  When we believe and we deepen our faith, as we grow closer to God, it is just as impossible to not do something good.  You bear the fruits of your heart.  This is why you need to work on your faith, to deepen it: so that it bears fruit, so that it shows in your actions

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The Fruits of Faith

Fr Mykola Leskiv is chaplain of St. Benedict of Nursia Council 18045, based at the Roman Catholic Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit in Chervonohrad, Ukraine.

By Knights of Columbus  (8/1/2023)
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