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IWKnights Corner (Bulletin Insert) for October 21, 2018

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

Pope John Paul II offers Mass at Aqueduct in Queens, N.Y., during his visit to the United States, 1995 Oct 6. The Mass was co-sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. (L'Osservatore Romano)

“Forty years ago, Cardinal Karol Wojtyła from Poland was introduced to the world as the third bishop of Rome in one year, taking the name of John Paul II.

Pope John Paul II would serve as pope for over 26 years, the second-longest papacy ever. From the first days of his papacy to the end of his life, the Knights of Columbus had a strong relationship with this modern-day saint.

The following are 5 of 10 facts about that dynamic relationship – next week we will present the remaining five facts.

  • John Paul II wrote a handwritten letter to the Knights of Columbus in 2002 that read, “As long as I have breath within me I shall cry out: Peace, in the name of God.”  It was included in a 2003 display at the Knights of Columbus Museum titled “John Paul II: A Passion for Peace” and is currently exhibited at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine in Washington, D.C.
  • The Knights sponsor the Saint John Paul II National Shrine in Washington, D.C.  Learn more and plan a visit to see relics of the saint by visiting our Facebook page.
  • The Knights of Columbus has supported three films about the pontiff: John Paul II in America: Uniting a Continent, Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism  and John Paul II in Ireland: A Plea for Peace.
  • The Knights underwrote several major restoration projects at St. Peter’s Basilica during John Paul II’s tenure, including the Polish chapel in the Vatican Grottoes at the restoration of the basilica’s expansive façade.
  • John Paul II presented a copper cross held by the statue of Christ on St. Peter’s facade as a gift to the Knights of Columbus Museum in New Haven in 1986.”

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