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IWKnights Corner (Bulletin Insert) For January 5, 2020

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

The following is the second and final part of a recent editorial published in the KofC Columbia Magazine.  The author is editor Alton J. Pelowski.

"More than eight centuries later, St. Francis’ experience in the San Damiano chapel takes on a special significance for Knights of Columbus today. T he birthplace of the Order, St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Conn., continues to be an active parish with many young families and Knights — as it was in Father McGivney’s day.  But plaster on the walls and ceiling of the 145 year-old building has fallen into disrepair, and a critical restoration project is now underway - (but still a beautiful church - here is a photo from 2014).  While assistance is needed to fund the restoration, Knights everywhere are also called to an even more urgent project — working for renewal of the Church.

 In the face of scandals, indifference and hostility toward the faith, authentic Christian witness is needed today more than ever.  This requires, in part, that we faithfully live the principles of charity, unity and fraternity in all we do.  

The rate of church attendance in many parts of the Western world is at record lows, while the stock market reaches record highs.  But as St. Francis learned as a young man, the search for fulfillment in the things of this world always comes up short.  It is an important lesson to remember, especially as we seek to grow in faith and share the Good News with those around us:  In the end, it is only Jesus Christ, born in a manger, who can fulfill the human heart."

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‘Rebuild My Church’
By editor Alton J. Pelowski (12/2019)
TTHE YEAR WAS 1205. Francis was a handsome young man, a son of wealth who seemed to have it all — but worldly riches no longer satisfied him, and he questioned his purpose in life. One day while praying in an abandoned chapel outside of the city of Assisi, he had a mystical experience: The icon of Christ on the crucifix there said to him, “Francis,
go and repair my house, which you can see is falling in ruins.”
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