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IWKnights Corner (Bulletin Insert) for February 2, 2020

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Gonzalez, 22, is the founder and president of Seminarians for a Culture of Life. A seminarian for the Diocese of Fresno, Calif., he is in his fourth year of studies at Mount Angel Seminary in St. Benedict, Ore., where he is a member of St. Benedict Council 15595. Photo by Kelly James

The KofC's Columbia on-line magazine recently published an article entitled 'Voices of the Pro-Life Generation'. The story essentially focused on the pro-life nature of the millennial generation - over the next few weeks we will publish the profiles of some leaders from this generation.

"I have been pro-life for as long as I can remember, but my passion to defend the dignity of life took stronger root during my senior year of high school.  That was when I sought to start a student pro-life group at the high schools in Madera, Calif.  Despite opposition from the administration, our efforts bore fruit and the groups took flight.  This leap of faith fostered an even deeper desire in me to spread the culture of life.

How I’m involved: I founded SCL in 2017 because I wanted to unite all seminarians under one common mission and banner.  We focus on building a strong foundation of prayer, an intellectual understanding of the life issues, and active support so that we may cultivate a profound love for life, especially in the heart of the seminarian.

Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Gonzalez, 22, is the founder and president of Seminarians for a Culture of Life.  A seminarian for the Diocese of Fresno, Calif., he is in his fourth year of studies at Mount Angel Seminary in St. Benedict, Ore., where he is a member of St. Benedict Council 15595. Photo by Kelly James

Pro-life challenges: Among the greatest challenges are polarizing divisions based on political, social and economic conditions.  Those divisions have no place in our movement; we truly are a movement of all people.  Another challenge is the widespread relativism within our culture, which promotes indifference.  We are called to counter this indifference with authentic love.

The pro-life message: It is my strong desire that pro-choice people would come to realize the deep love and hope we have for human life.  We are not pro-life only because of our religious beliefs, but also because science and reason tell us that life begins at conception and each human being is unique.

Signs of hope: Anyone who advocates for the dignity of life is a sign of hope.  Those who pray before abortion facilities, march for life and witness publicly to the beauty and dignity of life ignite conviction for future generations.  Through the involvement of my peers and younger individuals, a ray of hope shines amid the darkness of our culture.  The tide is turning, and hearts are changing.

Advice to Knights: My brother Knights, persevere in your convictions to defend the sanctity of life through love and support for those in need. As St. John Paul II often said, “Be not afraid.”  Be not afraid to show your support for the prolife cause, to help those in need and to be a public witness for life.  Above all, pray without ceasing that the sanctity of life may be respected."

Read the entire article and more about the Knights of Columbus at KofC.org - our web site or at: www.IWKnights.com/bulletin or in facebook.com/IWknights 9981 and NOW on Twitter at twitter.com/IwKnights.

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