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EWTN Interview with IWKnights’ own Chuck Neff

Our own IWKnight Chuck Neff was interviewed on the EWTN Program At Home with Jim & Joy regarding his new EWTN series, The Promise – We Said I Do Forever which encourages and enlightens Catholic marriages. the program is Hosted by Jim and Joy Pinto.

According to the EWTN’s Wings Newsletter:

  1. This series provides inspiration for couples to reminisce about “the good times” – the dating, the engagement, the proposal and the qualities that drew them together. Memories of the good times can lay the foundation needed to survive the hard times.

  2. This series is an antidote to divorce on-demand, so-called “same-sex marriage,” infidelity, selfishness, and more. Marriage is not always easy and it’s not always “fun.” These five couples have endured trials that tear others apart, and demonstrate that their endurance was possible because of their faith in God and their unwavering commitment to each other. Couples are challenged to pursue true love; that is, willing the good of the other, and working together to attain sainthood.

  3. This series can be the catalyst young people and engaged or couples contemplating becoming engaged need to start a discussion about their expectations about marriage, and whether their ideas are realistic.

  4. This series is a great reminder that all of us need to pray fervently for marriages since the family is the bedrock of society. Many couples struggle with cancer and other illnesses, the consequences of birth control and abortion, raising children according to God’s plan, and much more and often find it nearly impossible to make it through alone. We know that Satan hates holy marriages. Married couples need prayers so they have the strength and perseverance to endure when the going gets rough.

  5. The series helps those in every vocation – whether it’s married life, religious life, the priesthood, or celibate singlehood – understand that God calls everyone to holiness, whatever their state of life. Through the testimonies of these five couples, it’s easy to see that true happiness is only possible when a person listens to God and puts Him first in their life.

The Series aired recently on EWTN.  The official website for the series by Chuck Neff’s Salt River Productions is

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