Updating IW Knights Website Content

Hi Brother IW Knights & Ladies,

I am writing you to see to request your help in updating the contents of the IW Knights website. The information that I need from you is as follows:

  • For the following pages…..youth events, blood drives, pro-life events, church events, community events
    • I need the following information from the various council directors…..
      • The very events that you put on… Such as the IW Knights family picnic, the free throw contest, roses for life, the blood drive, etc.……along with a description of the events and any pictures that you want to add to your individual pages about the events. For example, the family director would provide the information for the family events page & the church director for the church events page, etc.  Check out http://iwknights.com/councilevents/familyevents/ to see an example of what I am needing from you.

The FAQ page………….

  • Please take a look at the FAQ page and see what needs to be updated as far as the questions and answers… We need to change some, add questions & answers, or eliminate some questions no longer needed. The Q&A page has not been updated in years.

The Ladies Auxiliary pages…….

  • I am needing the following information regarding the Ladies Auxiliary….
    • I need an updated list of the officers & directors of Ladies Auxiliary as well as contact information for the Ladies Auxiliary.
    • 2 paragraph description covering each of the following areas….
      • Who is the Ladies Auxiliary?
      • What is the Ladies Auxiliary about?
      • What exactly does the Ladies Auxiliary do?
      • A description of the various events and fundraisers that Ladies Auxiliary does.
      • What someone needs to do if they would like to inquire about joining the Ladies Auxiliary, the dues, etc.

Your help in updating the above information I believe will go a long way to making the website better… Whether in the current format or if we move to another format with an internet provider that would host our website sometime in the future. In other words…..describe what the event is, what it all involves, etc. ….answering the who, what, why, when, where of the event.  Please send me the info via email at bryanhewing@hotmail.com so I have the information handy and would make the process of updating the website much easier. Once again, thanks for your help in this request…. Deo Gratis!

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Mr. Bryan V. Hewing

New Media Coordinator & Webmaster, Incarnate Word Knights of Columbus Council #9981 (Chesterfield, MO)