Update on Council 9981 events as related to the corona virus

Brothers of IWKnights Council 9981.

Supreme council has issued a letter with advice on council activities as a precaution against the spread of the corona virus. Council 9981 is taking the following actions.

If anyone has any symptoms of anything resembling flu/virus, if they have been exposed to corona or flu virus, or have an existing respiratory condition, you should stay home and NOT participate in Knights activities.

Based upon the situation in St. Louis county, the advice of our pastor, and reports by St. Louis county health department, at this present time we are proceeding with the following events.

  • Council meeting tonight as planned at 7 PM in the upstairs multi-purpose room.
  • Proceed with fish fry tomorrow with volunteers requested to not participate if they have been exposed to corona virus, experiencing symptoms of the virus or have an existing respiratory condition. We will practice extra hygeniene in contact with serving customers.
  • If you planned to volunteer at the fish fry on March 13, and choose not to volunteer, please contact the following by text message or phone call:
  • Bollinger (lower) Hall: Chris Williams 314-602-7714.
  • Upstairs Carry-out: Ned Harris 860-634-3734

We will continue to prepare for the consecration to the Holy Family as planned on March 26, unless conditions change. We appreciate your prayers and common sense in practicing good public health (such as washing hands, using hand sanitizer, not touching hands to face) as has been advised by public health officials.

We will stay aware of the health situation in our parish and St. Louis area, and inform you of any changes to plans.

Please pray for patience and wisdom of God during this period of uncertainty,

Jim Ressler
Grand Knight, council 9981

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