Please See the Movie “Unplanned”

Brother Knights and Ladies,

An extremely important movie is coming to limited theaters this week. The movie is Unplanned, a powerful pro-life film depicting the true story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director turned national pro-life advocate and author. The movie also carries a message of hope, conversion, and redemption for anyone in need of God’s grace and mercy. "What Abby saw changed everything." Visit www.unplannedfilm.com/ for general info about the movie and links to local theaters and show times. It officially opens on March 29 and how long it stays in theaters is dependent on ticket sales.

There are also some sneak previews at certain theaters this week. Some generous donors have paid for as many as 3000 tickets so that folks can view the movie for free. The web-site is being updated as theaters are added for sneak previews, so be sure to check back for additional locations and times of the sneak previews and other showings when free tickets will be made available. All you have to do is register on-line for the showing of your choice at www.unplannedstl.com/. Note that as 5 pm on Wed March 27,several showings are already sold out so check the web-site as soon as you can to get tickets and go back to the web-site to watch for updates as additional theaters are added.

This could be a game changer. Everyone needs to see it – regardless of their views on this topic. Please see this movie (either sneak previews or when it opens later this week) and invite fellow parishioners, family and friends to see it, too. Ticket sales will dictate how long it is kept at theaters and whether it is spread to even more theaters.

Ted Juen

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