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IWKnights Corner for May 8, 20224th Sunday of Easter

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus? 

Icon of St. Joseph

The Knights of Columbus have created a new St. Joseph of Nazareth documentary.  The following link will lead you to a web page which displays many stories related to St. Joseph: KofC.org/stjoseph.  Near the bottom of this article is a preface to one of the  video stories.

"While the Gospel has not preserved any of his words, his actions have resounded through the ages.  Joseph of Nazareth stands out as the model par excellence of Christian virtue, a brilliant example of obedience to God and trust in Divine Providence.  His role as protector of families in the difficulties of life and Patron of the universal Church has never been more clearly needed.  Now, in this Year of St. Joseph, the Church is seeking to deepen its understanding of the Guardian of Jesus and of the Holy Family.

Featuring interviews with leading experts and theologians, in addition to powerful first-hand testimonials — St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father provides viewers with a glimpse into one of the most incredible lives in all of human history — a figure whose spiritual fatherhood remains open to all of us.

'In St. Joseph, we see our mission and mandate. Guard the family. Guard the truth. He led through service and creative courage.  So must we. It is the only way to overcome the hurdles facing our families, the Church and our culture.'"

— Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly


Since she was a young girl, Ann prayed daily that God would send her a man to marry like St. Joseph.  In Paul, she found a man who reflected St. Joseph’s qualities — someone who wanted to provide for his family and lead it to heaven.  The couple married and happily raised  children together.  Then, in 2014, doctors detected tumors in Paul’s lungs.  People around the world prayed for him, and Ann believes the prayers helped make possible a special moment the couple shared before Paul’s passing.  Today, Paul serves as a model of holiness to his children, and to the many people who discover his story online."

See the video story at KofC.org/stjoseph.

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By the way, you can find free copies of the Prayer Book of St Joseph - on the KofC Media rack in the vestibule leading to the rear parking lot.

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