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IWKnights Corner For July 4, 2021
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time / USA Independence Day

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

'Corpus Christie' illustration
Detail of Presentation of Jesus at the Temple (c.1450-1452) by Fra Angelico/Wikimedia Commons.

"Jonathan Reyes, senior vice president of communications and strategic partnerships, interviewed Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly for  KnightCast, which premiered online April 29. Visit kofc.org/knightcast.  The following is a portion of text which is abridged and adapted from their conversation about St. Joseph’s role in the Church today.

JONATHAN REYES: Why is St. Joseph so important for the Knights and so important for you?

SUPREME KNIGHT PATRICK KELLY: St. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers, but he’s also the patron saint of the universal Church and is extremely important in our cultural journey today.

Pope Francis talks about the creative courage of St. Joseph.  As men and fathers and Knights, we need that kind of creativity in our lives. St. Joseph was a man of obedience, which led him to be a man of action.

If you think about it, he didn’t have the Gospels in written form, but you could say he lived with the Gospel by living with Jesus.  The Lord spoke to St. Joseph through dreams, too.  But he didn’t have the full picture.  Still, he obeyed, and it was that obedience which we can emulate ‘ an obedience that always leads us to action.

That’s a key point for us as men, fathers and husbands.  When we’re obedient to the Lord, he always sends us on mission.  He never wastes that obedience; the Lord is always moving forward, and wants us to be his instruments.

JONATHAN REYES: I’ve often heard it said that Christianity is not boring; it’s an adventure.  When we say “yes” as Knights, husbands and fathers, the Lord is going to take us places we probably didn’t imagine.

SUPREME KNIGHT: Yes, the French author Charles Péguy said that in the modern world the father of a family is the great adventurer.  And I think that’s really true.  It is a challenging situation that we face in our culture today, and a father needs to protect his family.

It used to be that you protected your family by locking the doors and making sure everything’s secure at night.  Well, now the intruder comes through the internet.  I hope I’m not speaking too dramatically here, but that intruder comes with an agenda, and it is packaged for children.  We have to be really vigilant about this with our children, because there are forces that want to have a greater influence on your children than you."

The link to the entire interview entitled "St Joseph the Adventurer", can be found, along with additional information the Knights of Columbus, at IWKnights9981.com/bulletin or on facebook.com/IWknights9981 and NOW on Twitter at twitter.com/IwKnights.

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