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IWKnights Corner for April 24, 2022Second Sunday of Easter / Divine Mercy Sunday

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Knights, parishioners and refugees pose for a picture during a barbecue at a newly opened Mercy Center in Warsaw, April 2. Photo by Sebastian Nycz
Knights, parishioners and refugees pose for a picture during a barbecue at a newly opened Mercy Center in Warsaw, April 2. Photo by Sebastian Nycz.

The following article is an abridged version of the original story recently published (April 12th) in the K of C Knightline series.  A link to the full article is cited below.

The Knights of Columbus in Poland recently expanded their ongoing response to the crisis in Ukraine by opening several parish-based Mercy Centers to serve Ukrainian refugees. Expanding upon the mission of Knights of Columbus Mercy Centers at the Polish border, which has focused on welcoming Ukrainians as they arrive and providing immediate relief, the new centers will help refugees feel settled and integrated in their community by offering a space to socialize and learn, in addition to receiving material aid.

Mercy Centers were recently opened at St. Klemens Hofbauer Parish in Warsaw, supported by St. Klemens Hofbauer Council 17050; Our Lady of Częstochowa Parish in Radom, supported by St. Casimir IV Jagiellon, King of Poland Council 15216; and St. Wojciech Parish in Częstochowa, supported by Primate Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Council 15672, Bishop Teodor Kubina Council 14955 and Holy Spirit Council 16300.

‘The Mercy Centers provide a place of welcome and assistance — spiritual, physical and educational, as well as psychological assistance for those suffering from the trauma of war,’ said Dominican Father Jonathan Kalisch, director of chaplains and spiritual development for the KofC.

Father Kalisch, who previously served refugees at the Order’s Mercy Centers on the Polish-Ukrainian border, helped welcome Ukrainian refugees to a barbecue at the new Mercy Center in Warsaw April 2. The event, which marked the 17th anniversary of St. John Paul II’s death, was intended to introduce Ukrainian refugees and their children to the parish community.

‘This is a center of His mercy and will be the center of integration too,’ said Redemptorist Father Andrzej Kukła, chaplain of Council 17050. ‘It is to enable these people to integrate also with our society, with our parishioners.’

In addition to such community building events, the center will offer educational opportunities for younger refugees.

‘We will take care of the children,’ explained Grand Knight Grzegorz Tyczyński of Council 10750. ‘We will teach Polish, and are planning art and English classes.’

Mammadov Sevinch, a refugee from Kharkiv, Ukraine, now living in Radom with her daughter and granddaughter, is grateful for the Knights’ hospitality at St. Wojciech Parish, particularly for making children feel at home and providing a space for people to bond.

The Ukraine Solidarity Fund is providing hope and help for those affected by the war in Ukraine. 100% of your gift will directly meet essential needs of refugees and those displaced, including food, medical supplies, clothing and religious supplies.” 

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Your gift today will provide temporary shelter, food, medical supplies, clothing, communications and religious supplies. These items will all be immediately distributed, and 100% of your gift will go directly to these displaced people.

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