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IWKnights Corner (Bulletin Insert) for September 16, 2018

Knights from throughout the Order gathered for the opening business session and to hear the Supreme Knights report.

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

"The 136th Supreme Convention occurred last month in Baltimore, MD.  As usual, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson delivered his Annual Report where he reported on the order’s accomplishments and continued commitment to bring Christ’s charity to millions.

The Future

“Once again this year, the Knights of Columbus set a record for membership with a total 1,967,585 members.”

“Our future success is not automatic and our continued growth is not guaranteed. We must step up now to bring younger men into the Order. We must reach out to where they are.”

Invite a Catholic Man to Join the Knights

Faith In Action

“Last month, at the start of our fraternal year, we launched a new program model called ‘Faith in Action.’ … Simply put, Faith in Action will encourage councils to engage in thousands of new activities to promote faith, family, life and community.”

Making our Mark on History

“Today, let us resolve that as Knights of Charity, Knights of Unity, Knights of Fraternity we will continue to change lives — and that by doing so we will continue to change history.”

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