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IWKnights Corner (Bulletin Insert) for February 18, 2018

Did you know this about the IW Knights of Columbus?

Missouri State Capital

In January 2018, The Knights of Columbus undertook its most recent public opinion poll entitled: Americans’ Opinions on Abortion.  As usual, the poll was conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion located at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York.  Here are some of the questions with descriptions of the results:

  • When asked to align with one side of the abortion debate, a slim majority of Americans describe themselves as pro-choice.
  • More than three in four Americans, including six in ten who identify as pro-choice, want significant restrictions on abortion.
  • More than six in ten Republicans, independents, and Democrats want significant restrictions on abortion.
  • A majority of Americans see abortion as morally wrong.
  • If it is likely a child will have a genetic disorder, more than six in ten Americans see having an abortion as morally wrong.
  • Does having an abortion improve a woman’s life in the long run? A majority of Americans say no.
  • Laws can protect both a pregnant woman and the life of her unborn child according to nearly eight in ten Americans.
  • More than six in ten Americans support a ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The preceding information was published on KofC.org web site or links to the entire report can be found at the following addresses:
www.IWKnights.com/bulletin or at facebook.com/IWknights 9981 and NOW on Twitter at twitter.com/IwKnights.

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