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IWKnights Corner (Bulletin Insert) for April 1, 2018 (Easter Sunday)

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St. Joseph is depicted leading Mary and Jesus into Egypt in this mosaic at the Coptic Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary in the Cairo suburb of Maadi. Tradition holds that the Holy Family rested at this site. (CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz)

“As Catholic fathers, one of our main responsibilities is to pass on the faith to our children. We do this best by living the faith in an engaging way and by attending Mass with our family.  But we also need to teach our kids the basics of the faith at a young age and make sure their Catholic knowledge grows as they do.

“In teaching about Jesus and Mary, a summary of Gospel stories and a review of the mysteries of the rosary provide an excellent primer.  What can we say about St. Joseph, the husband of Mary and adoptive father of Jesus, who has no words recorded in the Bible?  In our online age in which every stray thought can be texted or tweeted, we can present Joseph as a model for our times — a man of action who goes against the tides and trends of the world.”

Presenting St. Joseph by using a set of countercultural virtues, is a method for fathers to imitate him in their own lives. Fathers should consider presenting these five virtues:

Be Attentive – “Our kids are bombarded by distracting media, yet they long for peace of heart and mind…”

Be Humble – “Social media, as forums for idealized personas and perfect images, are not noted for fostering humility…”

Be Protective – “Our kids can feel vulnerable amid what Pope Francis calls a ‘throwaway culture’, which does not respect the dignity of the human person…”

Be Hardworking – “Although life today is vastly different than in the time of St. Joseph, the demands of hard work are still essentially the same…”

Be Loving – “ Our world is filled with distorted images of love that can cause our children great harm and heartache.  Joseph is an antidote…”

“Presenting St. Joseph with these countercultural virtues, we fathers should seek to imitate him in our own lives.  That will be a win for our children, our families and ourselves.”

The preceding is excerpted from an article in the Columbian Online and so there is more to the description of these five countercultural virtues at the following addresses: www.IWKnights.com/bulletin or at facebook.com/IWknights 9981 and NOW on Twitter at twitter.com/IwKnights.

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