IW Knights —Upcoming Opportunities – Save these Dates

IW Knights

Save These Dates

Start 2017 by Stepping Up…

Get Involved when you are able.

Our first pillar is Charity…in all sorts of awesome ways.


Jan 7th: Help out at IW Blood Drive, set up, work, or tear down

Jan 9th – Jan 13th: Help Kevin Stanley judge Essays

Jan 11th: Help out at Free Throw Contest at IW

Jan 12th – General Council Meeting

Jan 14th: IW Knights Social. Bring your spouse/girlfriend and favorite appetizer, side dish, or desert to the Social in the lower church hall after 5 pm Mass; Msgr. Ramacciotti will speak after dinner. Confirm you are coming to Eric Bergmann at 314-614-4288 or at bergy2844

Jan. 20th. – Serve the Hungry at St.Peter and Paul

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