In person live Protecting God’s Children Zoom at Incarnate Word Feb. 2

If you require Prevent and Protect STL training but cannot figure out how to setup an account with Prevent and Protect website or how to use Zoom on the scheduled dates, please come to Incarnate Word for the one and only in person session before the fish fry.

The Protecting God’s Children training must be attended live, and is one of 3 required courses to become certified (the other two are online).

PLEASE FORWARD TO ANY VOLUNTEERS, including friends, family and people outside of the parish (being Catholic is not required).

TUESDAY, FEB. 2, 2021
ARRIVE at 6:15 PM, training starts at 6:30 PM.

BRING YOUR LAPTOP, TABLET or Smart Phone if you want help getting an account.

For everyone’s health and safety, please wear a mask, practice social distancing and stay home if you have a temperature or been exposed to anyone who is COVID positive in the last 10 days.

Before the training, if possible setup an account on Prevent and Protect Website.
Visit www.preventandprotectstl.org to Register and create an account in order to get credit for the training online. Click the Register link on the site to establish a login to complete and get credit for the training. The code for an account is stlprotect and Location is Incarnate Word Parish and School. When completed, please print or make electronic copies of your certificates.

If you cannot create a Prevent and Protect account, there will be a volunteer available to help you and get started on the other courses. those without an account can get credit by providing the following:
Name, address, phone number, birthdate and email address.

The Archdiocese of St. Louis requires all volunteers who participate in activities that involve children must complete the Archdiocese Prevent and Protect STL training.

If you have already attended a Protecting God’s children training, that training certificate will transfer to the prevent and protect system.

** Summary **
The training consists of 4 parts (which can be completed in the order and time you decide):

1. Protecting God’s Children for Adults – live training attended in persion. Register on the website. A list of upcoming sessions in 2020 is attached and on the website, including Zoom sessions. You must REGISTER for the Zoom training.

Live training sessions => https://www.preventandprotectstl.org/training/live/sessions.htm?class=1 (account required to open). Schedule changes frequently, check for updates.

2. Reporting Child Abuse In The State Of Missouri – a 30-40 minute online training completed on the web site.

3. The Code of Ethical Conduct For Clergy, Employees, And Volunteers Working In Ministry For The Archdiocese of Saint Louis – a 30 minute online training completed on the web site.

4. Accept the Archdiocese Code of Ethical Conduct – read the document and indicate acceptance completed on the web site.

Please contact myself or Andrea Brockmann if you have questions about the training.

Thank you for your service and cooperation in upholding this responsibility of our council.

Jim Ressler
Knights of Columbus
Grand Knight council 9981

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