Distribution at Christmas Masses

Greetings Brother Knights,

Thanks to those who helped with stickering the CDs. We did 2000 CDs in about 30 minutes.

In terms of the distribution at the Christmas Masses, we still need volunteers to help at all of the Masses. We only have one volunteer so far for the 6 pm Mass on Dec 24 and no firm volunteers for the 10:30 am Mass on Dec 25. Also, we only have firm captains for the 4 pm Mass on Dec 24 (Scott Sparks) and Midnight Mass (Jeff Grotegeers). Basically, captains just make sure there are people posted at each of the exits and make sure they have CDs to give out. The south exit (to the lower back parking lot) will have a table with CDs on it. There will also be a table with CDs located just outside of the school office. It can be moved outside by the bell tower if the weather is good. The only other thing is to make sure any empty boxes are recycled and things are straightened up and ready for the next Mass, or put back at the stages area outside the school office if it is the last Mass of the day (Midnight Mass and 12:15 Mass). That should be pretty easy because there are only about 7 boxes of CDs.

If you know what Mass you will be attending and can be a captain or help hand out the CDs, please let me know.

Thanks much for all of your awesome support. Have a Blessed Christmas.

Ted Juen

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