Blood Drives

In cooperation with the American Red Cross, our Council organizes, sponsors and helps with the staffing of four (4) Blood Drive events. The location of the events is the Lower Church Hall of Incarnate Word Parish. These events are held on Saturday's from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

For those who are not able to give blood on the day of the drive, they can still participate in our drives by donating blood at the Red Cross offices across the street in the Woodchase Shopping Center. Donations received for the 14 days following the Saturday Drive date will be credited toward our efforts. We appreciate your help in our efforts to collect the blood for the area - but of course, those who need blood appreciate your participation more.

Our blood drives provide the donors. On behalf of the Red Cross and everyone who has found themselves in need of blood, I thank you for your generous lifesaving blood donation. I invite everyone to experience the joy of true heroism - be a blood donor!

-Charlie Shikany

There are two kinds of blood drive volunteers: the donors and the workers. The donors need no special skills; they only need the desire to help their fellow man by spending one hour of their time in donating a pint of their blood. It costs nothing but could save someone's life.

Register to Volunteer

The human body replaces all components of the donation in less than a month. The workers include phone callers, cookie bakers, truck off-loaders and loaders, furniture movers, registration desk workers, canteen workers, donation facilitators, and a clown. Except for the clown, little special training is needed. Training is done on the job.

While we have a large base of volunteers (over 450 different donors in the past two years and over 150 workers) the need is so great that there is never enough (only 5% of the medically eligible donors actually give). DO THE RIGHT THING AND BECOME PART OF THE BLOOD DRIVE AS A DONOR if medically possible or at least as a worker.