Lest We Forget BBQ



               A patriotic, charitable event! Join us in supporting area VETERANS suffering with the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

               Purchase your BBQ products at select Dierbergs stores on the weekend of November 1st & 2nd and a portion of your purchase goes to TRAIN a SERVICE DOG for a VET!   The councils currently involved are Incarnate Word , Ascension (Council 11139), Cardinal Ritter (Council 6500) in Creve Coeur (St. Monica Parish).    The Dierbergs Locations are:

Market Place, MO                1730 Clarkson Rd.     Chesterfield , MO 63017           (636) 537-9419
West Oak (Square)              11481 Olive Blvd.   Creve Coeur , MO 63141              (314) 432-6561
Four Seasons (Center)       8 Four Seasons Center   Chesterfield , MO 63017          (314) 469-1666
Heritage Place                    12595 Olive Blvd.   Creve Coeur , MO 63141              (314) 542-2198 
Clarkson/Clayton***          1322 Clarkson Clayton Center   Ellisville , MO 63011      (636) 394-0595
                                                                           *** (Corner of Clayton & Clarkson Roads in Ellisville)

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This Able Veteran is returning hope to injured veterans and their families by providing them the highest-quality Service Dogs. Period.


        Over 400,000 veterans of the current war suffer from mental trauma. Everyday things we take for granted, such as going shopping, to a ballgame, to class, to dinner with family, or getting on a plane, are things they often cannot do. Just the simple act of driving can trigger flashbacks. These service members wrote a blank check to our country and deserve no less than the care a specially trained Service Dog can provide. The right Service Dog, one custom-selected and trained for each individual’s needs, can give these men and women a chance to truly come home.

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