For the Good of the Order…..

Want to submit a Prayer Request to the IWKnights?

  • Prayers for Healing

    Please pray for your brother Knights and may their illnesses and pains subside and may they get on the road to a speedy recovery very soon. May God be with you and guide you to a full recovery.
    Father Timothy Vowels
    Lou Juranas
    Richard Rahubka
    Donald Mohrmann
    Arsenio Receniello
    Al Villagran
    Que Purnell
    Nick Carter
    Charlie Shikany
    Kevin O’Sullivan

A Note on Prayer Requests . . .

If any Knight knows of a Brother Knight who is sick or if there was a death of a member, or in a member’s immediate family, please contact Rob Schultz at (314) 205-8135 to organize support. The Knights are committed to assist any widow of a deceased Knight.
If you know a widow of a Brother Knight or a member in need, please contact our Grand Knight, Jim Ressler at 314-469-8962.
Before you submit prayer requests identifying individuals with health conditions, Please obtain their consent.
Before posting your Prayer Requests, please consider the following:

  • Less is best - post only general and not specific information
  • DO NOT publish detailed, health related prayer concerns
    • Consider this, if you were ill or in the hospital, how much detail would you want released about your condition?
  • In posting prayer requests, your Knights of Columbus Council assumes that individuals identified in the requests have granted their consent to make their health conditions known to the public. Thank you for your cooperation.