IWKnights’ Adopted Chaldean Catholic Church Parish in Iraq

Since the explosion of ISIS across Iraq in 2014, Christians in the Middle East live in uncertainty and instability. While hundreds of thousands of Christians were forced to flee Iraq when ISIS was driven out in 2018, the Catholics who stayed and those who returned are rebuilding, critical to the survival of Christianity in Iraq. That’s why our Council decided to adopt a parish in the Middle East.

Our adopted parish is St. George Chaldean Catholic Church in Azakh, a village in Dohuk, Iraq (81 km north of Mosul, Iraq).

By adopting a Parish in the Middle East, our Council joins other Councils to be an instrument of resilience as communities rebuild. We will share more information about our adopted parish. Please join the effort to support these Catholics and have an ongoing relationship with the parish of St. George in Dohuk.


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Our council has committed to raising funds for our sister parish, St. George Chaldean Catholic Church, in Iraq. Through your generosity, we can ensure our Christian brothers and sisters have the resources necessary to worship as they continue to rebuild their homes and communities.........
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