10 Reasons to Join the Baby Bottle Brigade

Greater St. Louis area Knights of Columbus

  1. The Baby Bottle Brigade (“BBB”) will be a unifying force – for the area’s KofC councils – to finance and direct the fight to eliminate Missouri’s largest abortion clinic located here in the greater St. Louis area.

    • Based on 2009 figures provided by the state of Missouri and those taken from Planned Parenthood of St. Louis’ annual report – virtually 90% of the abortions performed within the state boundaries are done at PPCFP (“Planned Parenthood Clinic on Forest Park Dr”).
  2. The Baby Bottle Brigade will build a permanent “Watchtower” system – manned by the area Knights of Columbus and other Pro-life partners – to monitor and suffocate, if necessary, any attempts to re-establish abortion activities at PPCFP or any location within the greater StL area.

  3. The Baby Bottle Brigade will provide consistency and permanence to the fight against the abortions in the greater StL area and assure that the majority of the funds raised for that effort are kept in the area.

  4. The Baby Bottle Brigade will provide ultrasound systems, mobile medical centers and other Pro-life assets and funds to help build a “ground game” in front and surrounding PPCFP and its satellite clinic locations.

    • The term ground game explains a strategy of organizing and scheduling – during all the hours which the abortion clinics are open – “sidewalk” counselors, pro-life prayer volunteers, the mobile medical center with trained sonographers and crisis counselors. Currently (at the time when Brigade formation is beginning) these ground troops are only able to provide limited coverage in front of PPCFP – but none in front of the many satellite clinics – even though evidence supports this strategy by visual evidence of less cars in the PPCFP parking lots, definite incidents where lives were saved and reduced hours when abortion services are available.
  5. The Baby Bottle Brigade – comprised of KofC councils throughout the St. Louis Metro area and counties were satellite clinics are located – will be the financial arm and strategy advisor of a little trinity which will include: 1) ThriVe of St. Louis, and; 2) 40 Days for Life and it’s new St. Louis partner.

    •  ThriVe and 40 Days are experienced parties in working the ground game.
      • ThriVe of St. Louis is a local pregnancy crisis center with a long history of service to the region. They are the first such Pro-life organization in the state to purchase and operate a mobile medical center equipped with a laptop ultrasound system. Since ThriVe began parking across from PPCFP (in the summer of 2011) the clinic has stopped scheduling abortions on Thursdays and reduced the schedule on Wednesdays).
      • 40 Days for Life was established in 2009. It organizes two events a year to provide (now) over a 1,000 volunteers to walk in front of the PPCFP. As the Brigade begins to form, 40 Days has operated six (6) separate events. Numerous lives have been saved during the 40 Days events and PPCFP’s annual number of abortions performed have trended down since the events began and by nearly 10% in the last year.
  6. The Baby Bottle Brigade will operate so-called Baby Bottle Campaigns to raise funds from parishioners in parishes where local KofC councils exist. The first such campaign was staged at Incarnate Word parish, located in Chesterfield, Missouri, by their council #9981 in the fall of 2011. The IW Baby Bottle campaign was a financial success – raising $37,000+ during the 6 week event. Over 1,000 Baby Bottles were returned with an average of nearly $37.50 per bottle.

    • Not only Knight councils can will be encouraged to conduct Campaigns. The Brigade will urge parishes without councils, high schools, campus ministries and other Pro Life organizations to conduct Campaigns and donate the funds to the Brigade. Additionally, the Brigade intends to sponsor non-baby bottle events in order to raise funds to help Pro-Life entities.
    • The council donated all the collected campaign funds to the Baby Bottle Brigade. In turn, the Brigade sent a donation check to the state’s Columbian Charities fund so application could be made for matching funds grant under the Supreme Council’s Ultrasound Initiative. From all this activity ThriVe of St. Louis will receive the donation of a laptop Ultrasound system along with a cart and a second, specialized, probe. This piece of equipment will be loaded on ThriVe’s Mobile Medical Center and will replace a larger, standalone machine which was not built to operate on a mobile environment. The value of this piece of equipment is $37,000. Additionally, the Brigade will pay for employee training on the Ultrasound at a cost of $5,000.
  7. The Baby Bottle Brigade contracted and purchased a Pro-Life video produced by Salt River Productions. The video will be used as a promotional piece for each of the Baby Bottle Campaigns and as the centerpiece of a social media strategy. It is intended to be posted YouTube as the introduction piece on a web page designed to raise funds. The video is intended to be used with a younger crowd e.g. high schools, campus ministries and life teen groups.

  8. The Baby Bottle Brigade will use the Missouri Pregnancy Resource tax credit to leverage the funds donated from Baby Bottle Campaigns.

    • Missouri has authorized a 50% tax credit for donors of over $100.00. Since the tax payer can also deduct the donation, those qualifying and applying for the credit would have a net outlay of 9 cents for each dollar donated (if in a 35% bracket) and 19 cents for each dollar donated (if in the 25% bracket).
  9. As a Knight of Columbus, or for that matter, any man – we are responsible for the protection of life. It’s in our human nature and our DNA. In our proud Pro-life tradition of the Knights there has long been engagement with the brutal evil of abortion.

    • At the state and Supreme Council level the Knights have many programs to defend the unborn but we must be on the watch locally to fight this scourge. We support all of these programs but the St. Louis Knights of Columbus Baby Bottle Brigade is the local line of defense. In 2010 there were 9,000 abortions reportedly performed in Missouri however 8,050 were performed at the PPCFP.
  10. The Baby Bottle Brigade – and each Knight – must constantly ask the question in all areas of our culture:

    • What part of the God’s 5th commandment – THOU SHALT NOT KILL! – is it that our culture does not understand?