Greater St. Louis area Knights of Columbus

Best Practices for a parish level Baby Bottle Campaign

  • Pre-Campaign period

    • Download and review the StL-BBB Reservation Request –
    • Meet with parish pastor to obtain approval to stage the Campaign – NOTE: it’s a KofC State event
    • Send follow-up letter to pastor outlining the key events of the Campaign – eliminates surprises
    • Educate all about the difference between the parish-level Campaign and the larger Brigade crusade
    • Set Campaign dates: choose “Baby Bottle Distribution” weekend (kickoff) and add 5 weekends for end
    • Meet or notify parish staff, school principal, PSR director, Pro-life committee, etc.
    • Make certain all parties realize this campaign is designed like Rice Bowl or UNICEF events
    • Prepare PR plan – bulletin, local newspaper, signage, St. Louis Review, local merchants, web sites
    • Determine the number of Bottles to distribute then finalize and return the StL-BBB Reservation request
    • Determine pickup date and location of Bottles which are rented from the Baby Bottle Brigade
    • Deliver Bottle deposit check to BBB
    • Consider a raffle with prizes to increase the Bottle Return count
    • Finalize key committee members – est. 5 to 6 – and numerous after-mass collectors and weekly counters


  • Campaign period

    • Plan big BB Distribution kickoff day (e.g. ThriVe van, tents, Pro-life exhibits, teen/Knight as mass speakers)
    • Baby Bottle Distribution day(s) – plan for inclement weather with a tent available. Use signage and prepare for 3 to 4 Knights at every exit (even small ones).
    • Keep the parish engaged – bulletin and pulpit announcements about progress or information on Campaign.
    • Weekend masses – will need 2 or more Knights or friends to collect bottles
    • Bottle storage and security: this is a big deal since the Bottles are easy to steal. Find a safe place to store and make certain collection points are manned or checked frequently.
    • Suggest the set-up and use a pass-through account entitled – “Parish Name + Baby Bottle Campaign”.
    • Funds counting: 1-day/ week to count and deposit checks and paper money (or deposit next day). Expect to separate coins (foreign coins and objects), bag them deliver to a bank for counting. Need 6 to 8 Knights.
    • Banking and transport – choose a bank with a high-speed commercial counter (i.e. 3,000+ per minute)
    • Explain the Missouri Pregnancy resource center tax credit program – it will increase donations
    • Record keeping: track deposit info and pace of Bottle collections and names/addresses of big givers,
    • NOTE: it is important to keep copies of checks of $100 or more for the PRC tax credit
    • Thank-you cards for the $100+ donors is a nice touch
    • Recognize – large volumes of coins are heavy and a need for 2-wheelers, carts, and sturdy buckets


  • Post Campaign wrap-up period

    • • Final Bottle inventory, pack-up and return and settle-up the deposit account
    • Consider campaign end-date extensions – perhaps 1-week;
    • Write and send final check to Baby Bottle Brigade
    • Stage a post campaign event and thank you (remember next times)
    • Publish final story in the bulletin and submit story to St. Louis Review.
    • Ask committee members to consider working with the Baby Bottle Brigade as its volunteers


SEE: StL-BBB FAQ’s at for discussions about PRC tax credits, record keeping and more

For additional information please email questions or requests to: